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Best R&B Artist in Spartanburg

Watch out - A.J.A is going to be the newest name hot on everybody's lips. She's got the flair, the style, but most importantly, she has music to touch your soul. A.J.A is creating her own seat at the R&B table, striving to make each new track even better than the last. With music perfect for everyday listening, getting you hyped for a night out, or just to get over that ex, you'll be sure to find an A.J.A song for ever occasion.

An Experience

A.J.A aims to please. When booking her you can be sure to get your money's worth for your event or venue. Be it pre-recorded tracks or a live band, A.J.A can produce high-quality musical arrangements for any occasion. A.J.A also prides herself in motivational speaking to students and women. She aims to instill the life lessons of hard work, healing, and reaching for goals, not dreams. "Music may be the medium, but ministry is the goal," the songstress states.

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